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Basic knowledge of pvb membrane
The PVB membrane is mainly used to make laminated safety glass, which is widely used. In automobile industry, PVB membrane is mainly used as material for windshields. Thanks to the multiple features of laminated safety glass in terms of safety, temperature control, noise and ultraviolet insulation, it is also widely used in the field of construction. Examples include screen walls, light-openings on doors and windows, skylights, ceilings, raised platforms, large-area glass walls, glass furniture, indoor spacers, shop windows and counters, aquariums, bank counters, monitoring holes of jails, monitoring holes for furnaces and various bullet-proof glass, etc. With technical developments, specially processed PVB membrane can be improved in terms of performances and various materials can be laminated between layers of glass, such as color safety glass, color-changing safety glass capable of resisting radiation, and wired frost-proof glass. PVB membrane made following special formulations are widely used in the fields of spaceflight, military, hi-tech industry, etc. PVB membrane is used on airplanes, spacecrafts, military tools, solar cells and solar energy receivers, etc. It is also used to produce compound shock absorbing steel plates.
With economic developments, many countries have set up laws to promote the application of laminated safety glass in automobile and construction industries, creating an even larger market for PVB membrane.
Pvb film character
Since the pvb film can adhere tenaciously to glass, laminates glass auto and for construction use becomes a kind of well performed and effective safety glass material. Once the glass is destroyed, the craps still can stick to the inter-layer film and no damage will occur. Whether it is installed vertically, the laminated glass can remain as a whole after the first hit, it can also resist further impact and tolerate harsh weather conditons.
Comparing with other glass products, laminated glass produced with Decent inter-layer film can ensure the safety effect. It is capable of resisting penetration attempts of some common impacting materials. The impacts can only results in a tiny hole. Once fragmented, the interlayer would remain the scraps be joined.
The function of a window is to pass sunlight. However, too much sunlight will lead to a high quantity of heat. Laminated glass producted with Decent inter-layer can absorb part of the ultraviolet radiation, visible light and reduce the heat the increment.
Structural intergrity:
The performance of laminated glass is the same as single glass under the normal load. However if the glass is broken, laminated glass can keep its structure integrity with very little shattered glass dropped off.
Sound proof:
The elastic pvb film in laminated glass has resisting effect on sound waves. It effectively reduces noise.
Pvb film shield ultraviolet to the greatest extent. It can block mre than 99% of all the hazardous light. It can protect furniture, hanging scrolls, displaying objects or other products from harmful radiation of Ultraviolet.
Pvb film packing and transportation:
Products label:
The product label should include the following items
The product specifications, label number, qualtity grade, guarantee, manufacturer and address, the standardinzation code, etc.
The product specification are shown as follows:
With color rim: thickness(mm)*width(mm)*width of the color rim*length
Transparent: thickness(mm)*width(mm)*length
Each roll of pvb film is seperated by PE film and be vacuumed, packed in aluminum foil and then into wooden case.
Avoid exposing to the sunlight,water and vigorous shaking.
Be kept in clean warehouse under normal temperature
No exposing under direct sunlight
Once be opened, kept under the temperature of 20℃±5℃with the humidity of 20%-40%
The use of pvb film:
Laminated membrane for PVB glass is a macromolecule material made from polyvinyl butyral resin through extrusion processing using DHA, a plasticizer. Common thickness of Laminated membrane for PVB glass ranges from 0.38mm to 0.76mm. The membrane features excellent cohesion and physical properties including transparency, heat, cold and damp resistance and high mechanical strength. Laminated glass can be used on doors and windows with hollow glass. While ordinary hollow glass cannot resist impact, hollow glass with laminated glass on one side make it much safer. Laminated glass can be further divided into plane laminated glass, bent laminated glass, bullet-proof glass, theft-guarding laminated glass and decorative laminated glass. PVB membrane is mainly used to produce laminated glass. Thanks to the multiple features of laminated glass in terms of safety, temperature control, noise and ultraviolet insulation, it is widely used in the fields of construction and automobile.
Because excellent impact-resistance and safety features, laminated glass is suitable to be used on doors, windows, ceilings, floors and walls, skylights, shop windows. It is also recommended for storage of valuables at kindergartens, schools, stadiums, private houses, villas, mental institutes, banks, jewelry shops, post offices and doors and windows that are often broken. Laminated glass is usually used on the windows and skylights of communal facilities, such as schools, airports, hotels and office buildings, where accidents often happen.
Laminated glass is extensively used on doors and windows, floors, and skylights. Bent laminated glass can be used on revolving doors to sightseeing lifts, shops and hotels. Bullet-proof glass and theft-guarding glass can be used in on the counters nad windows of business halls of banking enterprises including banks, securities companies and insurances companies; museums, luxurious residence buildings and jails.

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